Systems & Solutions

An Extensive Portfolio

Our engineers have provided cost effective solutions in a wide variety of industries and applications, utilizing an extensive portfolio of technologies. Since our systems integration is a natural extension our product knowledge used in various industries and how to apply them enhances our ability to provide a total solution to you. We know how to specify solutions with the right computer hardware, software, sensors, programmable controllers, actuators, valves and all of the interfaces that make them work. We can take responsibility for the whole job to meet your demanding requirements.

Our expertise includes:

  • Complete Systems for Process and Building Automation
  • Controls for PLCs, Single and Multi-Loop Controllers and DCS
  • Systems
  • Plant Historians and Information Visibility
  • Relational Database Systems
  • Reporting Systems – Batch, Efficiency, Process, etc.
  • Control-to-Enterprise Integration Following S95 Guidelines
  • MES Applications for Tracking Manufacturing Resources:
  • Materials, Equipment, Personnel
  • Manufacturing Performance Tracking
  • Wired and Wireless Industrial Networking

Clean Room Monitoring

  • Detection of Ethanol vapors and spills reporting back to SCADA system.
  • Validation of Data from Plc to Paperless recorder and SCADA system to for reporting.


  • PLC control and data collection and monitoring of reactors.


Tank Farm

  • Wireless application to collect tank levels and report back to SCADA System along with Historical Data collection.


Control System

  • PLC and HMI control of all aspects of a production facility.

Train Tracking System and Monitoring (iniTECH Train Metrics System)

  • iniTECH’s Train Metrics system monitors the movement of trains along the rail system. Digital and analog points from each rail station are logged into a Historian. HMIs are provided at each station that provide a view of the rail system  locally. A redundant HMI is installed at a Central Station where all the information from all field locations can be viewed for real time information on train location and issues along the whole rail line. A Digital Play Back feature within the HMI allows for a graphical play-back of any event logged to the Historian data base; thereby providing a means of inspection and determination of when an event occurs and possible causes by using the Historical data.


Power Monitoring

  • Monitoring system of incoming power by looking at 500 samples each of voltage and current per incoming sine wave and collect data to a Historian. Qnix OS was used as the base for collection of data with HMI software for monitoring.


Train Track Switch Heaters

  • Control and SCADA system for controlling and monitoring a rail system switch heaters using wireless, leased line and T1 communications. All reporting back to a Historian.

Remote Pump Stations

  • Engineering services to  program PLC and report back to a SCADA system for a lead-lag pump systems.


Water Supply

  • Control the level of a reservoir using PLC and HMI implementation.